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School Activity

ACTIVITY (School Year 2014-2015)
First Term                                    
  Open Day for Parents
      New Students Orientation
                           United Nation Day
                             Progress Report Distribution
                                                                         Book Week Celebration
  Junior Dataline Publication
  1st Term Report Card Distribution
  Eid Al Adha Celebration
  Field Trips for all levels
  Leadership workshop
  Activities Upon Invitation

Foundation Week Celebration (Arabic Day, French Day, IT Day)

  National Day Celebration
  Pre-School Morning Coffee with Parents
  Parents - Teachers Council Meeting
  Community Immersion - Beach Cleanup
  AMAIS Board of Directors Meeting with MOE
  Year End Gathering (Students and Teachers)               
Second Term  
  Term 1 Report Card Distribution Day
  BGC National Exams
  AMAISB Sports Day 2015
  Term 2 Progress Report Day
  AMAISB Faculty In Service Day
  Math, Science, and Art Exhibit 2015   
  QA Monitoring Visit
  Health Awareness Day 2015
 Third Term  
  Term 2 Report Card Distribution Day
  AMAISB Festival of Talents 2015
  WRO - Bahrain 2015
  IGCSE Achievers’ Ceremony
  Pre-Graduation Night
  Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony
  KG2 Graduation Ceremony
  Transition Ceremony (Middle to High)           
  Recognition Day
  Term 3 Report Card Distribution Day